Action VS Reaction: The way you treat and the way you’re treated

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The theory of Newton’s third law might be recited so frequently in the world of science; yet, physics can be applied in practically everything, including human relations.

Here’s how it works. When you lean against a wall, you won’t fall through it considering the wall pushes you back just as hard as you force on it; therefore, both you and the wall will stay in place. However, in the world of relations, there aren’t such things as simple as that.

Humans are the most complex living beings. The actions we received might not be only speeches or concrete actions but something surreal like emotion. Hence, when the triggers are touched, oftentimes people do things they don’t actually mean to. This is totally a normal reaction.

Treat others in the way you want to be treated. Yes, you would want others to be pleasant even in an unfavourable circumstance or you might believe in the motto that customers are always right. But, as human beings, sometimes they might have some feelings behind or there might be many ways to create equality in your world that may go completely unnoticed by others.

Just showing a positive attitude can really make a difference and who knows the staff may have a surprise gift to show their gratitude. For example:

Complementing the hotel e.g. commenting on how the property looks, how delicious the food and beverages are, or how outstanding the service is.
Encouraging the assisting staff e.g. reassuring them on their assistance, asking some questions or creating a conversation.
Or even just showing a little care like greeting or just a smiling which can bring joy to everyone.
These very basic facts can really create a good environment, which will make everyone including those in the hospitality business delighted. It will definitely enhance the experience of your stay in the hotel.

As customers, it is understandable that occasionally you might encounter frustrations or the service might not be up to your expectations. Of course, you would want to express a complaint. Some might think that the more anger you show, the more benefits you will get. That’s not true!

Remember, every action has an equal reaction. Keep calm and tone down your voice. Express the complaint by stating the issue clearly with a reasonable tone. In this way, the person listening to you can focus on how they can solve the problem. By screaming or showing strong negative body language can get the opposite effect and put the person on the receiving end in a state of panic. Consequently, nothing will get solved and both sides go away bitter.

Instead of forcing others to grit their teeth to get what you want, treat them with politeness and understanding; hence, you’ll be pleasantly surprise with the results of such actions. Try it on your next visit to any hotel.


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