There is nothing of greater value than the love and patronage of loyal regular guests throughout the years. They greatly personify the results of the values at the heart of the hotel. Going beyond guests expectations have been the foundation of Royal Cliff’s legendary history. This has been experienced by thousands of guests who come through our doors year after year.

Well-travelled couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dermot and Alberta Cairns, have been regular guests at the Royal Cliff for 17 years. Living a life of leisure & business travel, they have spent their lives together exploring various cities around the world. However, one place that will forever remain close to their hearts is Thailand. With this, includes a place they always keep coming back to, Royal Cliff Hotels Group.

“For both of us, Royal Cliff is a world that takes you beyond the interesting city of Pattaya. Because of its breathtaking views and ideal location, sometimes we would feel like we are in a cruise or a tropical island. The entire place gives us the peace and quiet that we long for to have the perfect holiday with our family.” Mrs. Alberta Cairns said.

When asked what keeps them coming back to the resort year after year, Mr. Dermot Cairns replied “No matter where you are in the resort, you are always presented with an amazing view, whether it is that of a captivating sunset or the charming panorama of the ocean. The staff is so warm and helpful with everything that we need and we appreciate how they remember even the little things when it comes to our preferences.”

As a place that have made its mark on hospitality for many years, Royal Cliff has done its utmost to stay current and fresh in the hearts and minds of its guests by exceeding their expectations and enticing them with its unique brand of charming Thai hospitality.

What is it about Royal Cliff that has remained the same for them after all these years? “Nothing can beat the personalized service that we have been receiving all this time. There is nothing more valuable to us than getting such wonderful care and attention from the professional staff who always takes our needs to heart such as from the life guards here especially the one at the Grand Infini pool.” Mr. Dermot Cairns said. “That guy is very unassuming and friendly. He just can’t do enough for the guests. We always feel that he notes everyone’s preferences and remembers them without being asked. We experienced this when he would know what type of umbrellas we like while lounging in the pool and have them ready beforehand.”

“The wonderful housekeeping staff also deserves special mention.” added Mrs. Alberta Cairns. “We appreciate how the rooms are always clean and love the impressive turndown service we always receive at night. What I like most about them is the way they take the time to say hello or try their best to exchange pleasantries with the guests.”

“The entire property never gave us the feeling that it is dated. For a place that has been around for such a long period of time, we think that it is impressive to keep such a huge property in this immaculate state with its continuous upgrade that is always organized and planned so carefully that it doesn’t bother other in-house guests. We can see how Royal Cliff constantly improves on its existing facilities and services even constantly adding new amenities each year making us look forward to every visit.”

As a place that has been a big part of their lives for many years, they also have their personal favorites within the property. They love to dine at the Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar – Excellence & Heritage and take part in many deVine Wine Club dinners. They love to spend time at the pool bar where they can relax and unwind with their entire family after a refreshing swim. They fancy the tranquility of Breezeo – Be Yourself Dining and relish listening to the peaceful sound of waves while partaking in delicious light afternoon snacks.

They also shared one of their favourite memories at the resort. “Last year, I had such a fantastic surprise on my birthday.” Mr. Dermot Cairns said. “The whole family was lounging around at the Beach Infini Pool during lunch time when suddenly there was a slight commotion in the area. The Royal Cliff staff that we have known for a long time together with the General Manager, Mr. Antonello Passa, was coming down from the hotel and they were wheeling a trolley full of canapés and wine. The staff then started singing Happy Birthday while holding up a huge birthday sign. I was so delighted with the whole set up and it was a wonderful surprise for my whole family. We were deeply touched by the warm gesture and thought that it showed fantastic service from the hotel. I felt very happy to be remembered by people who have known us for so many years and who have watch our kids grow up. There was a photographer who also took a lot of photos and gave us a copy of the CD after. We appreciate those photos very much as it always reminded us of that beautiful moment.”

As the property continually expands while keeping its exceptional services and facilities intact, the Cairns greatly appreciate the fantastic services that Royal Cliff offers with has remained the same throughout the years. They delightfully noted that recently, there has even been an added personal touch in the form of our dynamic and efficient General Manager, Mr. Antonello Passa, who they said is the best GM they have ever seen. “As someone who is always calm and collected while anticipating needs on a daily basis and who genuinely takes care of his guests with his own personalized type of service, Mr. Passa definitely continues to impress us on each visit.”

As Royal Cliff continues to provide the ultimate hotel experience, we always treasure each arrival… each visit… and each return of our regular guests. Their stories continue to be part of our rich and fascinating history as we continue to look forward to welcome guests from around the world back to the hotel over and over again!

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