How to Get the Best Room Rate… Secrets from a Hotel Insider

In planning a trip, doesn’t it seem like hotels account for a majority of your travel budget? However, if you don’t want to find yourself standing blankly in a filthy flophouse while on holiday, looking for the cheapest hotel and choosing it due to the low price might not be the best choice.

Hence, how can you save on your budget while at the same time, still being able to pamper yourself in a nice hotel? Here are some secret tips to score the best room rate which a hotel insider has shared with us.

Book with the hotel directly
Today, there are so many online travel agents (OTAs) offering customers a lot of choices when it comes to reserving a hotel room. However, direct booking is still the best option you should go for. Why? The simplest answer is that it’s the easiest way to get the best available rate.

A hotel room can have so many types of rates on a booking site: non-refundable, flexible, last-minute deals and more! Nonetheless, you might have noticed that although the rate does not really swing like in airline tickets, it goes up or down based on demand. Even on the same date, the rates displayed on each booking agents’ site are different.

Don’t forget that the rates on the OTAs site are the hotel rates plus some incentives. Therefore, there is no need to spend so much time researching. Just contact the hotel directly either by phone or its social media channels and the best rate will certainly be offered. The plus side for booking directly is that, in any special occasion, guests who book directly normally are regarded as top priorities as the hotel and are entitled to give special benefits such as room upgrades, discounts on F&B etc.

Be a regular guest
Loyalty programs are not limited only to shopping centers or restaurants. Even though it is hardly promoted and there might not be any loyalty card given to the guests, hotels have rewards for their regular customers as well.

If you have stayed in a hotel and love your experience there, try to book a room under the same name in every booking afterwards. The reason is that, hotels will be able to keep a record of the frequency of your stays. When the number goes up and you have reached a certain number of room nights, they will regard you as their regular guest! At this time, you will be entitled to a lot of special privileges which include special rates that are available only for the hotel’s loyal customers!

The secret trick to let hotels remember you better is to give compliments and let others know by sharing why you really like the hotel on a famous rating site e.g. TripAdvisor as well as on social media channels. Your beloved hotel will be more than happy to hear your positive comments and feedback.

Stay notified
Hotels always launch new interesting packages and promotions from time to time. However, instead of frequently researching and checking the offers by yourself, do subscribe to the e-newsletter of the hotel you fancy as well as its social media channels especially its Facebook page and let these digital innovations help you stay in touch.

Moreover, with regards to hotels in Thailand, travel tradeshows are regularly held almost every month. Try to be vigilant with regards to which ones the hotels you like will be participating in. For sure, very attractive rates will always be offered at these events.


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