Hotel Hacks! 5 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Stay

Staying in a five-star hotel is, of course, not cheap but trying to find tiny mistakes to make a complaint will spoil your relaxation and not get you anything special. Then, what will enable you to get the most out of your hotel stay? Let your next vacation be more pleasant with these tricks!

Always go for the best room rate

Saving on expenses is definitely the best start to get the most out of your hotel stay. Realistically, you cannot pay for a camp rate and expect a castle. Yet, the cheapest hotel that pops up on search engines might not be the best choice to be considered if you don’t want to end up in a haunted dilapidated hotel that will surely destroy your perfect holiday. Moreover, it is not difficult to save on your budget while staying in a nice hotel. A hotel insider has just shared the tricks to all our friends of the Cliff >>here<<.

Be friends with the staff

It’s a simple psychological fact that people will be good to everyone nice to them and people in the hospitality business is not an exception. Don’t forget that hotel staff are the people you can go to whenever you need anything or want some useful information.
They might be obligated with their job descriptions to treat you well; however, smiling and interacting with them politely will not hurt anyone. Trust me… they are there to help you and they will be more than happy to do so. Spend a few minutes chatting with them. Even if you won’t get anything extra, you will still get some new friends who are eager to give you excellent service. Indeed, you will be surprised about how wonderful your hotel stay will be.

Don’t forget to read the guest letter

A hotel’s guest letter is something people normally ignore. Yet, it’s an important channel for the hotel’s management to get in touch with you. Some might think that the letter will only contain thank you messages but it is not always like that. In some cases, for example at the hotels in the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, the content in the letter comprehensively covers up to date details of what’s going on in the property which includes interesting events, restaurant and spa promotions and other special offers that you, as a valued guest, can take advantage of.

Make use of the concierge service

A hotel concierge is not someone a hotel randomly picks. They are the ones who know all the ins and outs of the hotel scenario. These include which perfect restaurant would suit your needs, what don’t-miss-attractions you should go to and how to get there as well as all interesting offers from the hotel, restaurants and partner attractions. Their services can be very helpful in paving the way for a more hassle-free trip as they can show you a specific destination on a map, make restaurant reservations, or book transportation. Of course, it’s also advantageous that there is no extra charge for using this service.

Let them know what you need

Even in the best hotels in the world, it is possible that you might find some unexpected issues. However, before running to the front desk to make a complaint, it doesn’t hurt to write down a few notes to provide staff with specific information of what went wrong. The more information you can give, the more the staff can assist in resolving the problem.
Moreover, don’t forget to let the staff know the little things that can make your stay more comfortable. However, also try to be reasonable as well. Remember that one small problem does not immediately entitle you to freebies. Be fair with what you are asking for as this will reflect on your credibility.


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