Royal Cliff’s Hidden Gems

Just in case you did not have time to visit or missed these spots on your last stay with us. Our regular guests always say that even during the busiest periods, tranquil spots to relax and unwind remains abundant at the Royal Cliff. Check these places out and you will know why everyone loves to stay with us!

Sunset Terrace Lobby and Bar

Located on the rooftop of the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace, this little haven of serenity is the perfect spot for a relaxing evening. Enjoy the tropical breeze, bask in the glow of twilight and enjoy the spectacular sunset while sipping our award-winning cocktails as you take in the breathtaking sights and sounds of your very own paradise…what a beautiful moment!

Grand Infini Pool

In addition to its famous Beach Infini Pool, the State of Exclusivity and Fascination offers another newly constructed infinity-edge pool overlooking the panoramic Gulf of Thailand at the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel. Designed in line with its formal luxury concept, the tiles are metallic inky-dark blue giving guests the feeling of swimming in the ocean. Guests can relax and lounge in this two-level stunning pool which features an eye-catching free form design that integrates the elements of its surrounding landscape. It never fails to enchant holiday makers with its elegant, low key, unobtrusive and refreshingly peaceful quality.

Caprice – A Taste of Riviera

A relaxed yet sophisticated experience awaits to dazzle your taste buds. Located on the 1st floor of Royal Cliff’s Ultimate Luxury hotel- the Royal Wing Suites and Spa, this fine dining restaurant offers a stylish and modern fusion menu prepared only with the finest ingredients available. Some might think that this wonderful restaurant is limited only for the Royal Wing guests however; everyone is welcome to experience the supreme cuisine, immaculate service and superb ambience of this award-winning location.

Cliff Spa

Located on the 6th floor of the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel, the exquisite Cliff Spa boasts a tranquil design and a wide range of holistic treatments from experienced therapists. Specially created to meet the needs of every individual, the spa offers not only a fantastic range of packages but also the perfect setting for either indoor or outdoor relaxation. Don’t forget to experience this ultimate retreat on your next visit!


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