Bring your Events to Life! Let the Adventure Begin! Never Settle for an Ordinary Business Meeting or Function Ever again.

With the changing times, the business world has seen major advancements. Meetings no longer need to be held in person, data can be processed almost instantaneously and coffee can be ordered by a simple click on your mobile. Improvements continue to occur everyday for modern businesses which leads us to question why any person or organization would settle for just an ordinary business meeting or event.

If you imagine a sophisticated party by the poolside, fun and unique company celebrations overlooking breathtaking views of the sea, a dine-around experience of culinary delights from around the world…these are what festivities at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition AND Convention Hall (PEACH) look like. With award winning chefs offering specially designed menus together with amazing venues and enchanting entertainment, extraordinary events truly await at our stunning beachside destination.

If you find yourself unsure as to how to make your next awards ceremony, holiday get together or other major events unforgettable, don’t worry – we’ve created this post just for you. Discover 5 remarkable themes that we offer to make your event truly spectacular!

  1. Black and Gold- A Night of Elegance


Our Black and Gold themed dinner is easily the most sophisticated way to dress up your awards ceremony, holiday party or any other major event. Truly dazzle your colleagues all night long with our top of the line wait staff (dressed in white gloves and bow ties), beautiful black and gold venue decorations and award-winning cuisine. A number of exciting shows can also be added along with fireworks or ice-carvings!

Black and Gold 3.jpg

Photo: Black and Gold Night at Our Head of State Chamber Venue

2. Loy Krathong- A Night of Beautiful Traditions


Wow your guests with our Loy Krathong theme and create a mood that is both stimulating and memorable! Your delegates can participate and experience the charm of Thai festivities in this whimsical festival as they experience creating their own Krathongs (small leaf containers which are vessels for floating a small portion of goods) and enriching their taste buds with traditional cuisine!

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3. Pirate Night- Thrilling Adventure


Step back to a time where eye patches were in fashion, treasure hunts were on the rise and life on a ship was normal. Pirate night at Royal Cliff is anything but ordinary and will surely please your adventurous guests! Have some fun with this theme by having everyone dress as a pirate or simply let the venue decorations do the talking.

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4. Thai Temple Fair- Add Some Colour to Your Night


Add some colour to your night! Thai temple fairs are vibrant affairs that are hosted to celebrate local temples. With games such as darts and shooting galleries, traditional Thai performances and fair-inspired food, we’ll bring a real carnival experience to you and your delegates! This theme can also be used for a great team building outing.

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5. Ancient Sukhothai- Experience Thailand’s Golden Era


With exquisitely designed temples and Thai art around you, the beauty and charm of this ancient era will come alive! We can arrange various Thai entertainment that includes long drum shows and classical dance performances as well as recommend specific details like menu options and table settings to recreate the perfect Sukhothai ambience.

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The possibilities with these themes are endless given that we can customize every part of your event. Each theme is unique, exciting and designed to exceed expectations. Keep your guests engaged with interactive activities and live performances that can make any function more lively and fun. Years of experience combined with a lot of fine-tuning have made themed dinners at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group a breeze to host enabling you to just sit back and fully enjoy your unforgettable gathering! To plan your event today or for more information, please click here.

A detailed program for each theme can be made available upon request. We can also help you create a custom event that will transform our flexible spaces into unique settings that match what you need.

For enquiries or to request for a proposal, please contact our Sales Managers at (66) 38 250 421 Ext: 2845 or email:

Please click on the themed dinner factsheets below for more details!


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