Songkran: Brace Yourself For the Splash Wars!


Are you ready for the biggest water festival in Thailand?

If you’ve never paid a visit to the country around the month of April, there’s a chance you haven’t heard about Thailand’s unique New Year celebration called “Songkran” which starts from 13 April onwards. The dates of this interesting holiday isn’t the only aspect that differentiates it from many New Year celebrations. Despite the scorching heat of summer, locals and tourists alike will be soaking up the fun and happiness of exhilarating water fights in this year’s popular festival.

During this period, more than half a million people from all over Thailand and abroad will flood into the streets to celebrate this spectacular water fun experience. Songkran combines a water festival (water suits this holiday perfectly as April is one of Thailand’s hottest months), family reunions, street parties, beauty pageants and many other forms of entertainment into a truly extraordinary event for everyone. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit language that means, “to pass or to move onto”. In the case of Songkran, the passing or moving refers to the transition of one year to the next.



You might be wondering why the element of water is paired with a New Year holiday. Just like many cultures, Thailand too holds their own beliefs and symbolisms. According to, water represents “cleansing” or “rejuvenating” which ties together with welcoming a new year. Before getting your water guns out and taking part in the revelry, don’t forget that Songkran is actually the traditional Thai New Year and the light hearted tradition of splashing each other is intentionally a way of wishing others to have more blessings in the upcoming year. Instead of becoming enraged with someone who completely soaks you on the streets, those who participate in throwing water believe they are washing away the burdens and bad luck of the previous year as well as cleansing for the New Year ahead.



Apart from the water fights, in the spirit of Thai traditions of hospitality, love and family, making merit, ritual bathing of Buddha images or water being poured into the hands of family elders are also done during this festive event. By doing this, Buddhists believe it will cleanse all misfortunes and enable them to have a good and gratifying life.

There’s still time for you to plan your trip to witness this happy celebration! For Pattaya, the party will reach its peak on 19 April 2017 which is called “Wan Lai” where the city’s Beach Road will be closed for traffic and turned into a thrilling venue for the splash wars.

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