Make Traveling with Children a Breeze! Simple tips for Better Family Travel

Taking a long distance trip to a foreign place can often become a huge undertaking for any traveller. Knowing what to pack, buying the plane tickets and scheduling your days definitely take a lot of planning. The planning drastically increases if you are traveling with children. We all know that travelling with little ones is more than just packing snacks and uploading the new cartoon episodes on the iPad for entertainment. To really have your holiday run as smoothly as possible from start to finish, you must factor in your child’s needs/wants into the overall itinerary.

To help out holidaymakers traveling with youngsters in tow, we’ve created a simple step by step guide with tips for planning and enjoying an unforgettable holiday with children!



Tips Before You Board the Airplane

Research children’s airline discounts and perks 

If you are embarking on a long distance family trip, chances are, you not looking forward to the flight. However, knowing that there are specific discounts or perks available for those traveling with children might ease the stresses of flying. Some examples of common discounts include free travel for children younger than 2 years old or availing of a 25% discount for kids aged 2-11 years old. Additionally, there may be some awesome perks like special kids menus or even a bottle warming service for infants.

To see a full list of the best airlines for kids formulated by Travel Sort, click here!


Do not let your child pack their own suitcase

We’ve heard of parents allowing their children to pack their own suitcases only to find that instead of packing the essentials like socks and shoes, they have packed their rock collection. To turn the packing process into a learning experience, teach your child to pack and fold their clothes with you. If adding their input into what they would like to bring is important to you, allow them to fill a small baggie with whatever they want but limit it to only one (that way it won’t take up too much space in the suitcase or your carry-on luggage).

Check their passports

If you are travelling internationally, it is crucial to check the expiration date of your children’s passports. In some countries, children’s passports only last five years which goes faster than a blink of an eye! If the passports need to be renewed, allow at least four weeks before your trip.


Tips for Smooth Flying



Don’t forget the baby wipes!

Even if your children no longer require you to wipe their sticky faces clean, baby wipes are essential on long flights – especially when getting up to use the restroom sink is inconvenient. Wipe down the seats, arm rests, trays and little hands (yours too!) before AND after the flight for a squeaky clean journey.

Take full advantage of digital entertainment

While you still have access to your own Wi-Fi or from the airports, make sure to download tons of apps for inflight entertainment. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, gone are the days of hauling toys or colouring books on your flights. If your child is old enough to write, a fun idea is to have them start a travel blog/journal while on the plane. This will keep them entertained as you encourage them to write down their memories and experiences from their trip.

Track your child

One of the toughest challenge for parents is to constantly ensure that your kids are safe. Some parents have mixed opinions on whether they should put their child on a leash. While this does guarantee their whereabouts, another option is to write your contact information on their arm in case you happen to be separated amidst the busy airport crowds or when you are in transportation stations. Washable marker works best!

You can also try new wearable child tracking devices that seek to take the stress out of bringing small children on a trip.


Tips for an unforgettable vacation catered to everyone

Involve your children in planning the daily activities

The only way to truly know if your child will enjoy an activity is to ask them! Involving your children in planning your activities for the day will not only make them feel included but also expand their creativity and sense of adventure. You may be surprised at some of the ideas they come up with!

If you are having trouble deciding on the activities that will entertain everyone, try allowing specific times for certain activities. For example, if you were a guest at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, you could allocate the first part of the day to spend at our Funtasea – Kids World where your little ones can play inside our special indoor kids zone, then the second part of the day can be spent doing something that you chose. For example, partaking in a new fitness class at our Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness, hanging out at our stunning infinity edged pools or releasing your inner superstar at the karaoke lounge at The Verge – Games, Pool and Karaoke.

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Book a hotel/resort suited to your needs

Depending on your child’s age, it might be a good idea to book a hotel/resort accommodation with a conjoining room or to book family-friendly suites with bedrooms. Even if it’s just sleeping, having some alone time with your child can be very refreshing. Here at the Royal Cliff, we understand the importance of alone time and because of this, guests love our family suite complete with two bedrooms and even two separate bathrooms!

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There is plenty of space for the whole family to relax and be together in Royal Cliff’s all new Family Suite. Offering spacious sleeping accommodation, luxurious amenities and stylish design, it is furnished with large comfortable beds wrapped in soft linens to ensure blissful sleep. Your family can relax, read, watch TV and enjoy the beautiful ocean views from the 2 balconies in the suite.

Let’s face it, not all the activities you plan will be entertaining for your little one and yourself. However, you can research on activities that uniquely offer both the adult and kid versions. For example, Royal Cliff offers Thai cooking classes within our resort. At our Nah Pah – Thai Cooking School, guests can come learn the skills of cooking one of the world’s most popular cuisines with the help of an award-winning Chef. Along with their parents, we also cater to our very young guests by offering a fun and interactive cooking and baking class for children.

Children’s Baking Class


Overall, the best tip we have for enjoying your family holiday is to truly cherish the memories you are about to make. We hope these tips and tricks help you when it comes to planning and enjoying your next vacation!

For any questions about our resort or to book your stay,  please contact us.

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