Getting Around Pattaya: Tips from a Fresh Caucasian (Farang)

Planes, trains and automobiles – what do these things have in common? They are all forms of transportation! What’s unique about transportation in all parts of the world is how drastically different the modes can be. For example, in London, England, the main form of transportation for locals is the London Underground Network or The Tube while in Venice, Italy, a popular form of transport is the gondola. People have adapted well to specific climates and landscapes to efficiently get from point A to point B. When visiting a new place, one way to fully immerse yourself in the local culture is to take a spin in the popular form of transportation.

If you plan on traveling to Pattaya in the future, you’ll see that there are many forms of transportation you can take to get around. While some are pretty common, others are definitely not! This is why we have created a guide with tips on taking advantage of all types of transportation you will see in Pattaya written by a new Pattaya resident.


I’ll start off with the most common form of transportation: taxis.


Everyone knows the drill when it comes to taxi etiquette; hail one from the sidewalk or airport, pack your belongings in the trunk, jump into the backseat, tell the driver where to go and then, you’re off. Most of the time, your ride will go smoothly but to prepare for the other times when it might not, here are some useful tips:

Before getting into the taxi, take note of the vehicle registration plate of the car.  Once inside, you can also take a photo of the name plaque on the dashboard. Take note of the name of the taxi company and any other contact information you can manage to find. A phone number for the driver can also be very helpful.

Why you should do this: A few weeks ago, my sister came to visit from the United States. From the international airport in Bangkok, she chose to take a taxi to go to Pattaya. Because of jet lag and the fact that she finally arrived at my house in the wee hours of the morning at 4:00 am, she did the unspeakable. She left her passport in the backseat of the taxi and only realized this when the taxi was already gone. Frantic, we both tried everything we could to find that taxi that she took. We tried calling the airport, called different taxi services and even reached out on sites like TripAdvisor!  However, since she didn’t have any contact information of that specific driver, there was nothing we could do. Out of fantastic luck, that same taxi driver, out of his own accord, actually drove all the way back from Bangkok the next day to drop off her passport at our house. This is definitely not the norm for any country so whatever contact information you can get, the better!

-This might seem redundant from the tip above but make sure you double/triple check to see if you have not left anything behind inside your taxi before you let it drive away. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your personal belongings!

Grab is now in Pattaya and makes hailing a taxi the easiest! All you have to do is download the app on your phone. Simply type in the address of where you are currently (the GPS tracker on the app is actually quite good so it will almost always automatically fill in your current location) and then type in where you want to go and it finds a driver close to where you are. The app even has a tracker for how far the driver is and alerts you when he/she is a few minutes away. Another perk is the constant discount codes and awards you can earn while you use it.

Don’t be alarmed if your driver pulls over multiple times during your commute.

Why you shouldn’t be alarmed: I kid you not, every long distance taxi ride I have taken, the driver has made multiple stops. This is bizarre to me because taxis in the states NEVER stop during the ride. The first time I experienced this, I was on my way to the airport. The driver pulled to the side of the road, did something in the trunk, went to the bathroom and then ate a snack before continuing the trip. After a few times of this happening, I became used to it and now expect every driver to do the same (and most of them have).

-If you don’t want to bother with worrying about directions or if the driver will get you to or from the airport on time, always take advantage of the taxi service at your hotel/resort.

Why you should do this: Almost every time I come back from the airport, my driver has no idea how to get to where I need to go. Multiple times I have had to use my own GPS on my phone to guide him/her. I’d recommend using your hotel/resorts’ taxi service because the drivers will know exactly where to go and if not, the hotel staff can help you. Royal Cliff Hotels Group can arrange a hassle-free transfer to a wide selection of routes at special rates specifically catered to your needs.

To arrange transportation or learn more about our options, click here!

Motorbike Taxis

Next up are motorbike taxis for a true taste of how locals get around!


The first thing you’re likely to notice when you arrive in Pattaya are the overwhelming number of motorbikes on the road. Due to congested roadways, many prefer to drive motorbikes to bypass traffic or take little short-cuts not accessible by cars. If you are bold enough, hop on the back of one of these bikes and zoom through the city! But before you do, here’s some tips when it comes to choosing this form of transportation:

-There are no flat rate prices for trips you take on a motorbike. Every driver is different. Before you climb on, negotiate a price. If you are unsure of how much you should bargain, THB 40 is a pretty standard fare.  However, prices vary greatly depending on the distance.

-Ask if the driver has a helmet for you.

Why you should do this:  The reason is pretty obvious. If you need more convincing, on average 80 people die every day from motorbike related accidents in Thailand. The more you can protect yourself, the better!

-Ask to see the driver’s license.

Why you should do this: I actually drive my own motorbike around Pattaya. When I first got my bike, I didn’t have my license yet (it took some time because I needed my work permit, visa and various paperwork). Just like in most countries, if you get pulled over and are without a license you have to pay a fine. The first time I got pulled over, I was one of many on the side of the road waiting to receive a ticket. What surprised me about this was there were A LOT of motorbike taxis that were in the same boat as me. This is why I suggest you ask to see their driver’s license. If they are to be pulled over, you’ll have to stop your commute and either wait for them to get back from the police station or hop on another bike.

P.S. There are many places to rent a motorbike for yourself when you are here. I suggest you skip out on this experience as police are trained to spot rental bikes and will ticket you especially in high tourist areas. If you are pulled over without a license, you have to leave your bike with the police officer, find another mode of transportation to the police station, pay a THB 400 fine and find your way back to your bike.

Baht Buses

Baht Buses (aka blue trucks with bleacher seats installed in the bed).


The more common word these baht buses are “songthaews”. While you’ll see more of the traditional Tuktuk’s in Bangkok, Baht Buses are very common in Pattaya! Baht buses can carry up to 10 or more passengers (when they are packed, there is a metal grate suspended from the bumper where 3-4 more people can stand and hang on) that usually drive around Pattaya in designated circuits. When you want the vehicle to stop while on board, you simply press a button above your head and the driver will pull over. Here is what you need to know before you cruise:

-You pay the driver through the passenger side window before you hop off the back. The starting rate for short-distance rides is THB 10 (THB 20-30 for longer routes). Most, not all, drivers will charge more if you ask them how much the trip cost. It’s better if you get off and hand over 10-30 baht without question.

-If you are traveling in a large group, try to find an empty baht bus or songthaew.

Why you should do this: There have been a couple of times when I was traveling with a large group (5+ people) and not all of us could fit in a taxi. The first time, I located an empty Baht Bus. I showed the driver I had a large group and asked if he could take us all to the Floating Market.  Normally, these buses follow a certain route but since I was with a group, he was able to take us directly to the market for a pre-negotiated rate. For what would have cost THB 300+ per taxi, ended up costing only THB 100 for 6 people by Baht Bus.

-If you are unsure of where that specific Baht Bus is headed, ask before you board.

Why you should do this: The first time I used a Baht Bus, I ended up jumping on and off 3 different trucks! Every time I hopped off, I had to pay THB 10 (as the bus would turn in the opposite direction from where I needed to go). The drivers know their end location so just ask them what that is before you get on. If you don’t know the area that well, I suggest getting a map or pulling up a map on your phone to see if your end destination coincides with the drivers’ route and end point.

Boats or Ferries


One of the most beautiful attractions in Pattaya is Koh Larn Island or Coral Island. With white beaches and a number of water activities, it’s definitely something you should add to your travel itinerary. The island is only 15 minutes by speedboat from Pattaya. You can easily rent a speedboat from Pattaya Beach or from Bali Hai Pier at the end of Walking Street. You can also take a ferry to Coral Island which takes about an hour. Here are some tips before you set sail:

-Check the weather before you plan your cruise or trip to the islands.

Why you should do this: While the weather is decently sunny during high-season, there are days/times when there could be heavy downpour. The last thing you want is to head out to an island and it starts raining. The speedboat ride is likely to be very unpleasant and the time spent on the island could be wasted if you need to stay indoors.

-Ask if your hotel/resort has any deals or travel guides to the island.

Why you should do this: I found out that it was hard to research or reserve a spot on a ferry or speed boat in order to get to the island. My first time there, I really didn’t know what to do. Your hotel/resort is likely to know just the right people to contact in order to maximize your island adventure.

For example, Royal Cliff offers their own catamaran service for private charter that will take you straight from the hotel to Coral Island. Equipped with trained staff and captain, you can be rest assured that your trip will be smooth sailing. They can also arrange for you to do a number of activities such as diving, snorkeling or specific sight-seeing. If that’s not enough, catering can be provided as well as sunset cocktails for a truly unforgettable experience!

To learn more about private excursion options or to reserve the catamaran, click here!


Overall, Pattaya is truly a unique place with accessible transportation means to match. We hope that this guide from one of our own new staff can help a little when it comes to getting around on your next trip. However, if you should run into little travel difficulties whilst being here just remember, it’s all part of the experience!

Royal Cliff Hotels Group offers different travel options to destinations around and outside Pattaya.  We can arrange a hassle- free transfer to a wide selection of routes at special rates specifically catered to your needs.   We also have a scheduled shuttle bus service running from the hotel to the city center which operates daily.

If you have any questions about Royal Cliff’s shuttle service or other transfer services, please click here!

For any questions about the resort or to book your stay, please contact us.

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Songkran: Brace Yourself For the Splash Wars!


Are you ready for the biggest water festival in Thailand?

If you’ve never paid a visit to the country around the month of April, there’s a chance you haven’t heard about Thailand’s unique New Year celebration called “Songkran” which starts from 13 April onwards. The dates of this interesting holiday isn’t the only aspect that differentiates it from many New Year celebrations. Despite the scorching heat of summer, locals and tourists alike will be soaking up the fun and happiness of exhilarating water fights in this year’s popular festival.

During this period, more than half a million people from all over Thailand and abroad will flood into the streets to celebrate this spectacular water fun experience. Songkran combines a water festival (water suits this holiday perfectly as April is one of Thailand’s hottest months), family reunions, street parties, beauty pageants and many other forms of entertainment into a truly extraordinary event for everyone. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit language that means, “to pass or to move onto”. In the case of Songkran, the passing or moving refers to the transition of one year to the next.



You might be wondering why the element of water is paired with a New Year holiday. Just like many cultures, Thailand too holds their own beliefs and symbolisms. According to, water represents “cleansing” or “rejuvenating” which ties together with welcoming a new year. Before getting your water guns out and taking part in the revelry, don’t forget that Songkran is actually the traditional Thai New Year and the light hearted tradition of splashing each other is intentionally a way of wishing others to have more blessings in the upcoming year. Instead of becoming enraged with someone who completely soaks you on the streets, those who participate in throwing water believe they are washing away the burdens and bad luck of the previous year as well as cleansing for the New Year ahead.



Apart from the water fights, in the spirit of Thai traditions of hospitality, love and family, making merit, ritual bathing of Buddha images or water being poured into the hands of family elders are also done during this festive event. By doing this, Buddhists believe it will cleanse all misfortunes and enable them to have a good and gratifying life.

There’s still time for you to plan your trip to witness this happy celebration! For Pattaya, the party will reach its peak on 19 April 2017 which is called “Wan Lai” where the city’s Beach Road will be closed for traffic and turned into a thrilling venue for the splash wars.

If you are looking for a unique accommodation to match your Songkran experience, please click here for more information on Royal Cliff’s special offers. We have numerous exciting and creative packages for you! Please hurry and book now as these offers have a limited time period.

For any questions about our resort or to book your stay,  please contact us.

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Hidden Gems and Hot Spots – Explore Your 5-Star Resort!

Wherever you travel across the world, you will miss an incredible opportunity if you don’t explore and make the most out of your 5-star hotel. Luxury hotels are considered the jewels of the travel industry for a reason. From attentive and consistent service, customized amenities, exceptional facilities to dining around the world food options, you will never be left wanting for more.

Choosing to go for 5-star properties is always a worthwhile experience. They offer the perfect combination of exclusivity, luxury and convenience. Much thought and hard work are always given into how the designs, layout and over-all facilities of these extraordinary places would meet and exceed guests’ expectations. Each remarkable moment that you experience is definitely worth the money. So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to go out there, explore beautiful settings and experience everything that they have to offer!

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group is known as the State of Exclusivity and Fascination for a reason.

With our massive, secluded and wide-ranging facilities, you can get your fill of culture and entertainment to ensure an unforgettable holiday even without leaving the confines of the property. What makes a hotel truly 5-stars and how do you go about making the most out of your stay in one? This post will show you tips on how to experience a fantastic stay in these remarkable places and take advantage of all the added perks that are intended just for you!

Royal Cliff Hotels Group received the Thailand Tourism Standard 2014-2017: Accommodation Standard for Tourism (5-Star Resort) award from the Department of Tourism under the authorization of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand on November 26, 2014.


Delight in the Overall Services & Amenities 

Many hotels/resorts can be successful by offering a nice, clean room for guests to stay in with no additional add-ons. However, in our eyes, it’s accommodations that go above and beyond that truly make a facility 5-star quality. From business centres to limousine services, luxury hotels always take the extra steps to provide you with special conveniences that are designed to create the most amazing stay. Take advantage of these exclusive amenities and services that were created to make your life easier such as free internet access, 24 hour room service, helpful concierge service, shuttle bus transfers, customized provisions for special occasions, special pillow menus, bath salts and many more.


Our business centres come equipped with high quality computers and printers to maximise our guests productivity.


Lose Yourself in the Plush Comfort of Your Suite

Nothing is better than an unforgettable vacation with a dream hotel room. With that being said, nothing is worse than an unforgettable vacation because of a nightmare hotel room. We know this fact all too well. Your 5-star hotel would have taken extra steps to make sure that your suite would make you feel as comfortable as possible. From the charming and elegant designs to sophisticated bathroom fixtures and excellent housekeeping, you are guaranteed to be amazed and experience a splendid time in the confines of your very own suite. Enjoy a blissful sleep while luxuriating in elegantly appointed interiors, plush pillows and comfortable beds as you relax in the comfort of your own little peaceful paradise.

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To learn more information or to book your accommodation, click here!


Delight in Magnificent Views and Amazing Sunsets 

Whether by the ocean, riverside or city center, most 5-star hotels are always situated in an ideal location offering the best views of the city or a mesmerizing landscape. A walk around the entire property will give you stunning opportunities for amazing photos. From spectacular skylines, beautiful horizons to fascinating sunsets and dramatic views, find the best vantage points around your hotel and be able to take your beautiful memories home with you.


Enjoy a magical Happy Hour at the Sunset Terrace Lobby & Bar! The perfect place to unwind where you experience amazing sunsets, bask in the glow of twilight and indulge in tapas, wine and sensational cocktails.


Experience Award-Winning Restaurants 

Forget bland continental breakfasts that often come with your hotel stay! Dining in luxury hotels could be an experience worth savoring. Without leaving the property, you can embark on a tour of the world’s finest cuisines and delight in the exceptional service. Designed to precisely set the right mood for a fun and enjoyable evening, a lot of these restaurants are directed by an award-winning chef and have been acclaimed by prestigious organizations, media personalities or international awarding bodies. Why not take this opportunity to dress up for a memorable dinner and enjoy a unique fine dining experience in the company of your loved ones?

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At Royal Cliff, you can embark on a tour of the world’s finest cuisines. To learn more information or to reserve a table at one of our restaurants, click here!


Enjoy Leisure Activities in Style

If you want a leisure-filled day and are searching for active and enjoyable methods of relaxation, all 5-star facilities provide guests comprehensive fun recreational activities along with beautiful leisure spaces which will delight the whole family.

Relax in Private Beaches 

Many 5-star resorts have access to a safe and clean beach or have private beaches reserved exclusively for their guests. Are you someone who loves photography or amazing photo opportunities? These beaches usually offer a direct view of the surrounding islands which is a perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. You can enjoy the cool breeze, soak in the sun and relax with your favorite cocktail with friends and family. Water-sports including sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and para-sailing can usually be arranged.



Royal Cliff is the only resort in Pattaya with 2 private beaches reserved exclusively for our guests. We place great importance in keeping our beaches safe and clean. Because of this, lounging on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand is truly a peaceful experience.


Luxuriate in Heavenly Spas 

Going to a spa is one activity that should definitely not to be missed! Spas in luxury hotels boast a wide array of treatments and services. You will have a choice of indulging in massages, facials, body wraps and scrubs as well as numerous spa packages in perfect settings. For those who need (or deserve) some extra pampering on their holiday, whatever treatment you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy a most memorable spa experience and feel totally rejuvenated!


To learn more about our different treatments and products at Cliff Spa, Click Here!


Take Advantage of Fantastic Family – Friendly Facilities

Have you ever traveled with your little ones and had a hard time finding a family-friendly place to stay in? For some resorts, this may become an unresolved problem due to limited facilities. As luxury hotels understand the importance of family life even while on vacation, family – friendly accommodations and on-site amenities to keep both parents and kids happy and entertained at all times are always available. Traveling can be an exciting adventure and a valuable bonding experience for the entire family as you spend time in family lounges or in enjoyable kids clubs.

Funtasea – Kids World is the best edutainment center for kids in Pattaya. To learn more about Funtasea, Click Here!


The Verge4.jpg

Featuring interactive elements such as game stations, a pool table and a new karaoke lounge, The Verge – Games, Pool and Karaoke is the perfect place to kick back, relax and spend the day (or time when it’s raining) with your family and friends. To learn more about The Verge, Click Here!


Learn a New Skill 

If someone tells you that attending a class on your holiday won’t be fun, then think again! What better way to spend a memorable vacation than to learn something new and be able to impress your friends with your newfound skill! From learning to cook a new type of cuisine, playing tennis or squash, to practicing photography, you can make the most out of your vacation! Try to indulge in a balanced mix of fun and interesting activities which you have not had the chance to do before. Learn a skill you don’t know such as Muay Thai or cooking an exotic dish or polish one which you already have.


Learn the skills of Thai cooking, one of the world’s most popular cuisines, at the Nah Pah Thai Culinary Arts School. Our award winning Chef will teach you step by step in the art of Thai cooking. To book a class or for more information, Click Here!

Go on Exciting Excursions 

Plan a day trip with family! Go out and explore the nearby islands or see the interesting things your area has to offer. There are many attractions, theme parks and recreational places in different cities and rural places to explore. You can also take this time to connect with nature for a refreshing and rewarding experience. A friendly concierge in luxury hotels would always be available to assist you with your sightseeing options.


Our Catamaran, “Island Dream” is now available for guests seeking to explore Coral Island, nearby islands along the Pattaya Coast or the Sanctuary of Truth! To learn more about Catamaran Island Cruises, Click Here!


Relax and Unwind in Stunning Swimming Pools

After a long day of sightseeing, there is nothing like a refreshing dip in a fantastic pool. Exquisite pools at 5-star hotels are the best places to relax, unwind or take an afternoon swim. They are designed to be elegant, refreshing and relatively peaceful making them the ideal place to kick back and let your hair down. You can lounge around and sun bathe while taking in the charming beauty all around you. The hotel swimming pool always plays a huge part in any holiday itinerary for a lot of people. Whether perched high on a rooftop, settled amidst mesmerizing landscape or sitting at the edge of a cliff, make a splash on your next vacation by spending time frolicking in one of your hotel’s amazing pools.

Please see slideshow below of some of our favourite poolside shots!

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Get Fit at the Sports Clubs 

No matter where you are going, a holiday is always a great time to indulge, relax and escape from the worries of everyday life. The good news is, when you splurge on a luxury hotel, you can incorporate fitness into your travel plans! These places normally have state-of-the art facilities that would ensure a great workout. They usually have everything you need to stay in shape, such as, a fully equipped weight room, cardio machines, fitness and aerobic studio, sauna and steam, tennis and squash courts, fitness trainers and swimming pools.

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The high quality of facilities and equipment at the FITZ Club – Racquets, Health & Fitness plus its peaceful setting within our beautiful gardens make workouts both fun and pleasurable. To learn more about Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness, Click Here!



Do take advantage of the facilities that your 5-star hotel has to offer, otherwise, you could miss out on something great. At Royal Cliff, we take great pride in ensuring our guests enjoy the most relaxing and comfortable stay. Our standards are set very high when it comes to training, quality control and keeping our property at such a high rating!

Our final tip is to speak with the concierge and guest relations team to ask what new promotions are on offer at the hotel. For example, at Royal Cliff, we have bi-monthly set-menus and creative promotions in our restaurants. These are offered only for a limited time period because some ingredients or fruits are available only for that particular season. Who knows? Some of these dishes might end up in your list of all- time favorite food.

So next time you are in a 5-star hotel, remember these tips and don’t miss out on experiencing those hidden little gems and hot spots that would actually guarantee you and your loved ones a more fulfilling and unforgettable stay!

For any questions about the resort or if you you need any special assistance whilst staying with us please let us know.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group

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Amazing Sunsets, Breathtaking Views, Sun Kissed Moments and a Touch of Romance…An Ideal Romantic Getaway

Think about the many reasons you deserve a romantic getaway. Maybe you need a chance to be alone with your significant other, a break from the monotony of everyday life, an opportunity to reconnect with your love without distractions or maybe you simply need some time to recharge. Whatever reason it may be, you’ll need to find the perfect location to get the rest and relaxation you deserve. We have developed packages to make your time together magical. Explore our new Ocean Kiss package now!

Here at Royal Cliff, we truly believe our unique location, beautiful panorama ocean views, authentic cuisine, and overall dreamy facilities make us the ultimate romantic destination.

Welcoming Staff That Make Your Stay Truly Relaxing: 


Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” due to the genuine, friendly people who truly just want to do the best for you. This little aspect shouldn’t disappear whenever you step inside your hotel or resort. It certainly doesn’t when guests visit any of Royal Cliff Hotels. We have set ourselves very high standards and invest significantly in training, quality control and resort development. From a pleasant greeting with welcome drinks to exceptional room service, you and your loved one will feel more relaxed with each day!

11 Different Restaurants Showcasing the World’s Finest Cuisines (and the Best Views): 


With 11 of Pattaya’s best restaurants, dining at the Royal Cliff is like embarking on a tour of the World’s finest cuisines! Both of you will experience Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian and European flavours all within our intimate dining settings.


Photo: Rossini Restaurant & Cigar Lounge- The Godfather’s Favourite (Italian Fare)


Photo: Breezeo- Be Yourself Dining Restaurant (International Tapas Selection & Beachside BBQ)

LarnThong - Authentic Thai Traditions2.jpg

Photo: Larn Thong- Authentic Thai Traditions (Thai Fare)

You might say, “Well, what’s the big deal? I can find a nice restaurant anywhere.” While there are many restaurants boasting international cuisine in Thailand or more specifically, Pattaya, not many can provide the whimsical dining atmosphere as our restaurants (as shown in the photos above). Try having a romantic dinner by the stunning poolside or in any of the resorts’ 11 outstanding restaurants. The locations are unbeatable as these are a few places where you can enjoy the clean coastal breeze in enchanting settings. Both of you can enjoy the charming ambiance while taking in the spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Idyllic Bars to Watch Amazing Sunsets:

Royal Cliff Beach Terrace - Lobby2.jpg

Photo: Sunset Terrace Lobby & Bar

What’s a romantic dinner without a stylish drink before or afterwards? Positioned on the rooftop of the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace Hotel, the Sunset Terrace Lobby and Bar is one of the top places to allow your worries drift away just as the sun goes down. You can experience atmosphere that highlights tropical sunsets while also capturing the glow of twilight. If you’re not totally enamoured after experiencing nightfall here, feel free to check out our other 4 lively bars offering live music and sizzling entertainment.

Stunning Private Beaches:


Royal Cliff is the only resort in Pattaya with 2 private beaches reserved exclusively for the hotels’ guests. Here you can sweep your sweetheart away to enjoy the cool breeze, soak in the sun and relax while you enjoy tropical cocktails.

Luxurious Pools:



Take a dip to cool off that hot romance brewing between the two of you! Royal Cliff has 7 swimming pools throughout its expansive property that will surely do the trick. Slip into  an infinity-edge paradise with our 2 Infini pools overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and enjoy magical moments relishing the peaceful beauty of the sea and nearby islands.

P.S. Have we convinced you to plan your romantic getaway with us yet?

Nah Pah- Thai Cooking School to Spice Up Your Dates:


One of the reasons to have a romantic getaway is to make new, exciting memories with your partner that you will look back on for the rest of your lives. What better way to create long-lasting memories than by planning a fun, special date learning to cook Thai cuisine together? At Nah Pah- Thai Cooking School, you can enjoy a hands-on intimate cooking class by scheduling our exciting 3 hour course where our award winning Chef will teach you step by step the art of Thai cooking.

For more information or to book your class: Click Here

Perfect Destination for Weddings or to “Pop the Question”:



Turn your romantic getaway into your ULTIMATE romantic getaway by including your wedding in the itinerary. If Royal Cliff can provide a magical vacation for two, imagine what we can do for your wedding day! Our enchanting location, 5-star service and exquisite menus will allow you to plan a dream wedding that unfolds exactly as you imagined it would.


Nothing is more romantic than the story of two people falling in love, well, except the moment when a man gets down on one knee and vows to spend his life loving the woman he is with. With our “Chapter One: The Proposal” package, our experienced staff can help fashion a scene that will fulfil any girl’s fantasy. By making use of our private beaches, you can create a whimsical beach proposal or take advantage of our panoramic dining settings to pop the question during an intimate dinner. Every detail from food and music to atmosphere and the element of surprise will be handled with finesse and care!

To learn more about our “Chapter One: The Proposal” package: Click Here

Relaxing Spa Treatments for Couples:



The harmonious setting of our Cliff Spa provides a one of a kind natural refuge to recharge your mind, body and soul. Deeply reconnect with your significant other in ways you never thought possible. When you book a spa retreat you have a choice of massages, facials, body wraps and scrubs. Succumb to the hypnotising charm of the gentle touches and savour Thailand’s rich ancient ritual that delightfully revives the senses leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

What More Could You Want?


From picturesque ocean-view rooms to top of the line restaurants, Royal Cliff clearly has the perfect combination of features to steal the “Most Romantic Getaway” title. So, if you are in need of quality alone time with your spouse, a chance to make unforgettable memories or an opportunity to rekindle the fire, it’s time to book your once in a lifetime romantic getaway with us!

Don’t forget to check out our “Ocean Kiss” promotion that was created specifically for those who wanted a romantic getaway: Click here to view package

For any questions about the resort or if you you need any special assistance whilst staying with us please let us know.

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