Don’t miss these Top 12 Pattaya Must-see Attractions! (Part 1)

Even though Songkran Festival has already come and gone, Pattaya is still a vibrant city offering a diverse range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Royal Cliff proudly lists its 12 best attractions that will certainly spice up any holiday. From historic temples to modern adventures, you can be sure that your next Pattaya trip will be filled with excitement and amusement beyond your expectations.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark


Bring the entire family to have fun with your favourite Cartoon Network heroes! Whether you want to recall happy childhood memories or enjoy adventure activities including the thrilling multi-lane super-slide and the fun raft dropping, the globally branded themed waterpark is waiting to welcome all Cartoon Network fans! Also, as summer in Thailand is going to reach 40 degrees Celsius, waterparks are considered the best places to cool down.
Opening Time: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm everyday
Visit website:

Art in Paradise


Let’s make the photos come alive! Enter this illusion art museum and enjoy its three-dimensional paintings by spending the day snapping fun photos of yourself and your loved ones. Divided into various rooms presenting different themes, you would feel as though you are taking a tour into many fantastic worlds. However, simple smiles are not enough to make great photos. Don’t be shy to find a cool angle and create your own poses. 1…2…3….Action! There! That’s your best shot.
Opening Time: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm everyday
Visit website:

Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to one of Thailand’s Thai-style teak architectural marvels which will inspire your search for philosophical truth. The exquisitely carved building is neither a temple nor a palace but can be considered a mixture of both. Embedded with ancient Buddhist, Hindu, Brahman and other spiritual and philosophical elements, the ornate carvings reflect religion and the artistic vision of mankind. Wandering through the Sanctuary, the beautiful yet humbling atmosphere will easily make you get lost in your thoughts.
Opening Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm everyday
Visit website:

Pattaya Floating Market


Want to enjoy a traditional Thai floating market where you can experience over 100 shops and see boat merchants selling a variety of spectacular Thai food and treats? Then, this floating market is the right place for you. The market is actually named the “Four Regions Floating Market” as it is divided into four zones representing the four major regions of Thailand – the north, northeast, central and south. It consists of not only what you can expect to see in an ordinary market such as food, fruit stalls or souvenir shops but also art galleries and cultural shows scheduled throughout the hour. Experience Thai artistry at its finest with local artisans and enjoy the visual treat of authentic Thai food, desserts and specialties. One of its highlight is the sight of vendors floating in traditional boats and not just selling their goods on stilted shops by a canal. If you haven’t visited any of the floating markets in Thailand yet, don’t miss the chance to check this out!
Opening Time: 10.00 am – 11.00 pm everyday
Visit website:

Tiffany Show


The world-class transgender cabaret show is indeed a flagship of Pattaya’s nightlife. You will be amazed with the spectacular hour-long show which is full of colour, light and sound. Beautiful transgender performers in dazzling ball-gowns and feather costumes will entertain the audience in an unforgettable night of impressive songs, talented dancers and funny skits. After the show, don’t forget to take some photos with the performers outside the hall. Frankly speaking, these talented performers are actually so stunning and super sexy that you won’t believe they are ladyboys.
Opening Time: Everyday at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm
Visit website:

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya


An army of your cuddly childhood friends are waiting to give you a warm welcome at the Teddy Bear Museum. You might think that dolls are only for kids but that’s not true. Here, children will, of course, have fun with the adorable teddy bears but adults will find it amusing as well. The museum is divided and decorated into 12 adventure zones such as Inca, dinosaur, fossil, Africa and etc. Walking around the museum is like treasure hunting and taking pictures with your beloved teddy bear characters that you can interact with makes it a truly fun family-friendly experience!
Opening Time: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm everyday
Visit website:

We have partnered with various exciting attractions around town and our guests can now purchase special passes with exclusive benefits and special discounts from our Guest Relations Officers.


2 thoughts on “Don’t miss these Top 12 Pattaya Must-see Attractions! (Part 1)

  1. Hi
    I am fortunately with a family whose interest was to explore anywhere just like you. I mean to say that we wanted to visit in your place maybe this end of october but is it a good to visit your place i mean what is the best season to stay ?
    My children are already excited for this trip.
    Thank you !

    • Hello! Thank you for choosing Royal Cliff. We are looking forward to serving you here. At the end of October is an ideal time to visit us, it is after the rainy season so you and your family can fully enjoy the trip. Let us know if you want to book the room. Thank you!

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